Bonanza prep work starts well in advance of the show! All the boxes reposing in this JB teammate’s living room were loaded for their new home at Canterbury Park!


Marking booth spaces takes two days. Here’s our camera-shy, Day 1 taping crew — Eydie, Lauri and Jennifer — at about 7:30PM Monday evening, shortly before they wrapped up their handiwork in the Expo!  Next: on to the Main and Side buildings!


A 12-foot piece of trim molding AKA measuring stick, chalk and Eydie’s new, 300-foot measuring tape, are the tools of their trade!


Your JB scribe favors electrical tape ! Your Bonanza founder, Ki, is pretty handy with a box cutter!


Event manager Krista Belle is our in-house tech maven!


So many tasks, so little time! Irene and Lauri sort badges; Eydie hauls tables, Lorraine is ready for another round of taping and Karla gets a grip on the sweatshirt inventory!

prep31Vendor manager Jane offers direction to some of our fabulous early-setup vendors!


Krista Belle’s handiwork — it takes a lot of trees to prime the JB pump and she uses as little paper as possible!

Our early set-up vendors arrived in a rainstorm and patiently waited until it was time for check-in…


and then — LOAD-IN!


Check out some of the amazing backdrops our vendors are constructing!


They are one hardworking and talented crew!


We can’t wait to see what these structures from Time Bomb Vintage and Scout Vintage Collective turn into!


Just 2 days and counting until Junk Bonanza!

More vendor load-in continues tomorrow!


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