@junkbonanza #sandiego welcomes Found Vintage Rentals! San Diego JB vets will remember Jen’s spectacular Weddings Lab display at the show last March!

Name: Jeni Maus

Business name:

Found Vintage Rentals Inc.

Live in/Business located:

Fullerton, CA


Your style in three words:

refined, industrial, cozy

On your junking bucket list:

More trips to Europe. Would love to pick in Belgium

You knew you were a junker when…

…I got my first baby changing table out of an alley and cleaned it up and repainted it.


Best all-time junking find:

One of the first pieces I ever found, a really old huge chalkboard with the most beautiful chippy green paint frame, with an emblem from a photographers association on it (my hubby is a photographer).

You wish you would never have parted with…

…I don’t part with things. That’s the problem!


Bringing to the Bonanza:

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. i don’t stray too far from my aesthetic.

You never junk without…

…an open mind.


In your garage: cars or junk?

C’mon, junk!!!

No one would ever guess you…

…hate to move. Because I feel like that’s all I do all day long!


Your junking holy grail:

You won’t remember the things you buy, just the things you walked away from.

Junking makes you feel…

…like a girl on a mission and I always feel like I have succeeded. The thrill of the hunt is the best part to me.




Instagram: @foundrentals


Jeni, Ki and the team look forward to seeing you at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in just four more days!



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