@junkbonanza #sandiego welcomes UpScale-ReSale!
Barbara A. Briggs
Business Name:
Lives in/Works in:
Frazier Park, CA
Your Style in 3 words:
upcycled, primitive, country
On your junking bucket list:
to hit every salvage yard, Re-Store, and Flea Market from here to there!!!
You knew you were a junker when…
…every local thrift store manager and trash hauler called you first when they acquired a new “treasure”
Best all-time junk find:
a scrap metal dealer who sold me all of the decorative rusty iron pieces he had in hand for $10!
You wish you had never parted with…
…almost everything!!!!
Bringing to the Bonanza:
JUNK!…and me with a van full of treasures!
 You never junk without:
Dollar bills, a tape measure and an empty van!
In my garage:
well, junk, of course!
No on would ever guess:
I have an advanced degree in a scientific field!
Your junking Holy Grail:
I can’t go anywhere without looking and hopefully bringing it home!
Junking makes me feel…
…as if I found treasure only I can imagine what it could be


Barbara, Ki and the team look forward to meeting you! See you in a few short days, Feb. 19-20 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!


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