Junk Bonanza is thrilled to have Wendy McMonigle of SheShed by WM Design House provide ongoing demonstrations and assistance at the “succulent potting bar” at our #sandiego show, Feb. 19-20!
We wanted to share a little bit about her — you’ll definitely want to stop by and select some amazing plants and containers to put together your pot
“to go” plants!
How long have you been working with (and enamored of!) succulents?
 3-4 years
What are your three favorites?
Paul Bunyan Echeveria, Haworthia and Sempervivum, also known as Hens and Chicks
Why are succulents such a great choice for potting?
They look beautiful and require very little maintenance.


Why do you love vintage containers for potting?
Who cannot love a beautiful vintage container! This is where you can really use your creativity as there are so many great vintage items you can use. Some of my favorites are  old chairs, vintage coffee grinders, enamel chamber pots, old strainers, flour sifters and many more:
What is your favorite combo for potting?
I love a variation of color, using a mixture of Hawthoria for the deep dark greens, Hens and Chicks for their rosette forms, Graptopetalum for the great ghost coloring and Echeverias and Jelly Bean for their tint of red. I also like to add some donkey tails or Strand of Pearls to add drama as they trail over the sides of their containers.


What is your trained profession?
I am a handbag designer by profession, but truly love to design and create in my home and garden.
How do you describe yourself?
I am a mom, daughter, wife, grandmother, entrepreneur, friend, dog lover, host mother, designer, yogi, a lover of sweets and a teacher!


How did your garden get started?
Our garden started out to be mostly an English cottage garden full of roses, lavender, sage and much more. As we were restricted with water by the drought, I started to plant and learn about succulents and soon fell in love with these beauties and found so many ways to use them. I love to host classes to share my love of plants and crafts with others. In my free time I love the hunt for treasures to fill The SheShed, we scour estate sales, flea markets and garage sales all over southern California. One of my favorite things is to take an old treasure and turn it into something beautiful and useful.


I love being a mother to four grown children and a grandmother to our first granddaughter, Madison. My other passions include interior decorating, exercising and reading.
Guilty pleasure?
Ice cream. I could eat it every night!


Are you a Bonanza vet?
I have not attended a Bonanza before; this will be our first and we can’t wait, I am especially excited about the succulent potting bar as this will be a first for me.
What do you love about junking?
My favorite part of shows is interacting with the customers, It is so satisfying when a customer finds that something special they have been looking for in your booth!
Ki and the team look forward to spending some time with Wendy at the succulent potting bar! Hope to see you there, too, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!


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