@junkbonanza San Diego welcomes Basilwood Farm!
Jill Spruance

Business name:

Basilwood Farm LLC

Lives in/Business located:

the beautiful Central Valley foothills of California!


Your style in three words:

colorful, creative, capricious

On your junking bucket list:

The perfect display piece for our Basilwood Farm goat milk soap products!


You knew you were a junker when…

…I began decorating my house 30+ years ago.

Best all-time junking find:

The antique frame for a sofa that my sister had. Talked her into trading an armoire for it and had it recovered in vintage style fabric. LOVE!!! Have had it now for 25 years.


You wish you would never have parted with…

…the 1950s chrome table and chair set I once had… (sigh)

Bringing to the Bonanza:

Lots and lots of wonderful handmade goat’s milk soap and skin care products that we make here in Basilwood Farm from the milk of our microherd of dairy goats! We love being able to share our products with people who find joy in old things. At the same time, we know that the people themselves don’t want to look like “old things,” and our soap can help prevent that!  It’s really great for your skin.


You never junk without…

…cash in my pockets

In your garage: cars or junk?

Both… although the junk is quickly winning the space war.

No one would ever guess you…

…love the fact that selling soap at junk shows means that I have an excuse to buy stuff for display pieces (wink, wink) Don’t tell my husband that, k? AND I get to connect with a lot of like-minded people.


Your junking holy grail:

The antique linens from my Great Aunt passed down to me from my Aunt that we now use as part of our soap display.  We really love using pieces that we have a personal connection to.

Junking makes you feel…

…like an adventurer searching for treasure







Ki and the team eagerly await Jill and all of the other fabulous vendors (and you, our amazing attendees!) — It’s only a month away! Got your Early Bird tickets, yet?!


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