Junk Bonanza vendors are the best! This is Mark and one of his latest finds!

Mark and Becky, of 1st Pick Antiques and Vintage in Neenah, WI, are bringing this amazing treasure to the Spring show in Minneapolis, if it doesn’t sell, first!

This horse — 15 hands high! — is made of iron, carved wood and zinc or a similar metal. Horsewoman Ki notes a hand is 4 inches, and horses are measured at the withers! The mane and tail are real and the eyes are glass. When Becky shared these photos, we asked about its provenance.


She placed its manufacture at 1890 to 1910!

“It came from Iowa,” she said. “Our friend is 78, and when he graduated from college in 1959, his father showed up at his graduation with four of these.” They were purchased from a a harness and saddle maker’s wagon and carriage sales store (which met its demise “when the cars took over”).


Becky said she and Mark had owned one of the other three horses as well, though it was severely damaged. Two remain in a museum. She declared this one “the best of them!”

If this guy makes it to Bonanza, they will show it with a peddler’s wagon instead of the sleigh!

Thanks, Mark and Becky, for sharing your fab find. We give it four hooves up!


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