This fab chair, covered in British Rail Transit fabric, is coming to the Junk Bonanza Minneapolis as part of the upholstery tips demonstrations we’re holding daily for attendees!JBchair4

This chair, and its mate, looked a bit more modest when they were spotted for us by one of our favorite Bonanza scouts in Minneapolis! Quite the buy at $10 each!


Love those solid wood arms and chrome legs! Lots of vintage va-va-voom!


Check out the pedigree: vintage Harter!


While the heavy duty upholstery was not in bad shape, it was ready for a refresh!


Enter Cynthia Bleskachek of Blue Sky Galleries, our upholstery class teacher! We used this great new fabric based on authentic British transit route sign graphics from Bonanza vendor DeWayne Lumpkin Design Studio (he’ll be selling yardage at the Portland show!).  Cynthia carefully parsed out this puzzle so the maximum amount of words would show!




She’ll fix up the “Before” chair post-Bonanza!


The classes are free! On Thursday and Saturday sessions you can register to win an upholstery book and tool.



On Lucky Friday, Cynthia is giving away a free online beginning upholstery class — a $70 value! Can’t wait until then? Check out her Facebook page at The Funky Little Chair — she’s giving away a book and tool there, too, to promote the Bonanza! Enter until Sept. 23!



We can’t wait to see you there!britchair4

One last look at this beauty! Check it out in person at Junk Bonanza Minneapolis!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Have your Early Bird tickets yet? Still time to purchase online at a $5 cost savings over the door purchase price!






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