While Angel Army Decor made its Bonanza debut at our last show, it had yet to fill out a new vendor profile! Read all about them, here!


Gina Burns

Business name:

Angel Army Decor

Live in/Business located:

Mt.Pleasant, IA


aarmy2Your style in three words:

Angels Angels Angels!

On your junking bucket list:

Old Threshers Reunion, Walnut IA and Junk Bonanza in San Diego


You knew you were a junker when…

…we helped tear down an old barn and wanted to turn all the treasures inside into art!

Best all-time junking find:

Gold and crystal chandelier that is currently hanging above my dining room table.

You wish you would never have parted with…

It’s ok to part; once you find your gift, then SHARE it!


Bringing to the Bonanza:

Lots of old barnwood treasures and beam lights

You never junk without…

My sweet husband who carries all of my treasures.

In your garage: cars or junk?

junk waiting to be turned into art!


No one would ever guess you…

…would rather create than socialize.

Your junking holy grail:

Perry, MO

Junking makes you feel…




Email: gina.burns@live.com

Website: www.AngelArmyDecor.com

Instagram: @angelarmydecor

Facebook: facebook.com/angelarmydecor

Etsy: AngelArmyDecor

See you soon at Junk Bonanza! It won’t be long now!

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