Junk Bonanza welcomes Wares with Words to its first show, Sept. 24-26!

Patti Koskovich
Business name:
Wares with Words
St. Louis Park, MN/Long Lake, MN
My style in 3 words:
whimsical, patchwork, kick-back


On your junking bucket list:

Round Top, TX.
You knew you were a junker when:
I started researching my next vehicle I buy based on hauling capability
Best all-time find:
my chandelier — thrifted for $40 — complete with every crystal!
You wish you would never have  parted with:
Actually this is a regret I passed on — a wonderful black Pyrex.Told myself I didn’t need it.  Still kicking myself.

wareswith1 Bringing to the Bonanza:

One-of-a-kind artisan ottomans & footstools; I’ve incorporated into my pieces many textiles and tidbits I found at Junk Bonanza — good junk making a second appearance — gotta love it!  I have no duplicate designs. If it is speaking to your heart, ya better grab it!
You never junk without:
my “look-for” list.  Then I rarely even glance at it
In your garage:
Oh, I wish I could say my car
No one would ever guess:
I grew up on the property where Junk Bonanza is now!  A big kid coming back to play where she played as a little kid…awwww.  (My dad planted all those huge old evergreens on the north side of Canterbury — 60-some years ago. My mom now lives across the parking lot in a townhouse — could be handy… “Mom, I need more pens!”)


 Your  junking holy grail:
wonderful pieces of vintage junk jewelry for a song
Junking makes you feel:
I’m in my element.
Junk Bonanza makes you feel:
Like I’m with “my people”.  I’ve been attending since Medina. I’m actually mourning the loss of one of my favorite days of the year — aimlessly, happily wandering @ JB all day Thursday. But I’m thrilled to be a vendor!
Email: wareswithwords@gmail.com
We can’t wait to see Wares with Words! And YOU! It won’t be long now!

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