This is a love story about two junk fans from Appleton, WI, who will finally get to their first Junk Bonanza this Fall!

Jim Wilson sent us a private Facebook message last September, noting that our page photos “looked awesome” and that he was “sooooo upset my girlfriend and I can’t make it.”  And then, in August, we heard from him again!

He wrote: “We’re gonna make it in September. But I wanna do something special for my girlfriend. Any ideas?”
Jim went on to note “I was going through surgery and a few other things when y’all were last in Minneapolis. So we had to change everything around to fit around my schedule and I know she was sad she couldn’t go. But I’d love to do something for her. Just not entirely sure what that could be?”
Junk Bonanza’s curiosity was piqued, so we asked for more information!
Jim Wilson's photo.

Well I’m Jim Wilson and the special person is Hanna Foate. I’m originally from Texas but moved to Appleton in 2013; she’s from Appleton. Last year we weren’t able to make it due to me having surgery and not being allowed to be mobile.” Jim was diagnosed with cancer last October and, he said, three months into treatment, more was discovered. Surgery was scheduled. 
After that, Jim said, he couldn’t walk or stand, “and that kind of put a wrench in the plans to come out there. So we had to cancel and reschedule and I’m not sure who she spoke to but someone on the Junk Bonanza staff was able to help us out and allow us to transfer the Early Bird tickets to this month’s event. We both love antiquing and pretty much anything older that no one wants anymore.”
They repurpose together, too! Jim said he and Hanna have “ripped all the guts out” of an old piano, and are in the process of turning it into a bar.
We asked Jim if he thought Hanna would enjoy reading their story on the JB blog, and he thought that might be the “something special” he was looking for!
So here it is! Say hello to these first-time Bonanza-goers when you see them Thursday!
We’re glad they could make it!

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