Junk Bonanza welcomes new Minneapolis vendor, The Farmer’s Daughter!


Jeannie Guymon

Business name:

The Farmer’s Daughter

Live in/Business located:

New Ulm, MN

Your style in three words:

Vintage, rustic, simplicity

On your junking bucket list:

World’s Longest Garage Sale and Visiting the American Pickers in Iowa


You knew you were a junker when…

At 10 years old I picked up my first piece of Blue Willow pottery, and have not stopped junking since!

Best all-time junking find:

It changes each season!

You wish you would never have parted with…

No regrets. There will always be more junk!

Bringing to the Bonanza:

Vintage jewelry and accessories. Even though I also love galvanized buckets/rusty tractor parts, McCoy pottery and fine German porcelain, Maybe next time!


You never junk without…

CASH and my jeweler’s loupe!

In your garage: cars or junk?

Cars. The junk is in my garden shed!

No one would ever guess you…

…are taking tap dance lessons.

Junking makes you feel…


Your junking icon:

Nicole Curtis  from HGTV;s  Rehab Addict and from Minnesota!!  I just really respect how she reuses original pieces… even if they are not in perfect shape.   That has always been my philosophy, too.  I would rather keep the piece in it’s original form than completely changing it by refinishing it.   And she re-uses everything!!!   Waste not, want not is my  motto!

Facebook: facebook.com/farmjewels
Instagram: @Vintage_Girl_68
Just two more days until the Junk Bonanza!

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