Meet Hollie Wood! The South Carolina stylemaker at and flea market maven is traveling for a year in her vintage Winnebago — and she’s coming to the Junk Bonanza San Diego!

(You’ll find her and the Winne parked in the Food Court, where she will be selling “smalls”!)


Says Hollie: “I purchased the vehicle on a whim. I had made many advancements in my career as a professional designer in Charleston, SC, when I made the spontaneous decision to move to the west coast and travel California in a 1975 Winniebago.”


Hollie rented out her house and hit the road!

win8“I’ve traveled up and down [California] a couple times over the last couple months visiting flea markets,” she said. “I recently returned from Venice beach from a photo shoot with some talented artists. These photos are from that photo shoot.”


Even while on the road, Hollie is at work, developing  her book, “Antiquarian Glam”. It will emphasize “organic lifestyle design,” she said. “OLD embraces the uncommon character and wisdom embodied within timeworn imperfection, while integrating ease and practicality.” The book will take readers on an international journey, Hollie says, as she treasure-hunts flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales across the United States and from England to India.
Hollie has launched a Kickstarter campaign for this project. You can take a look at her launch video, here!
“I love living off the curb during this moment in time with my traveling business,” she said. “I would never be able to do this solo without my modern-day GPS system and a little faith. I love that I can literally wake up and get straight to business while also having the option to explore inspiration.”
Hollie, Junk Bonanza welcomes you!

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