The first day of Junk Bonanza San Diego made a lot of junkers happy!shoppers2

Those in the know practiced BYOC: Bring Your Own Cart!shoppers3

There were lots of smalls…shoppers6

…and stuff to enthrall!booth1

There was candy for eyes…goods2

…and stuff to apprise!goods4

Stuff to sell, stuff to buy…goods3

…stuff to see stacked way up high!goods5

…stuff down low and all around…SHOPPERS1

 …and reclaim wooden treasures found!


Attendees got free, hands-on instruction on using Chalk Paint® and other finishes by Annie Sloan! Her North American distributor, Unfolded, is the Bonanza’s Gold Partner!AS

Classes are going on today and tomorrow, too; they are free; you just need to register in the Annie Sloan booth! Stockist/Instructor Jill Wilson, of Jill’s Abode in San Clemente, is rocking these sessions!


 Fun stuff! Don’t forget to register for a class here Sunday!

goods1At the end of the day, folks left with great junk. That’s why we’re here!


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