The Junk Bonanza, San Diego edition, begins on Friday! We’re excited the amazing inspirational Weddings Lab that will run all three days of the show! We’ve asked each of our Lab partners to answer five questions about what makes a wedding celebration! First up: photo purveyor Amigo Booth!

(We love Amigo! It allows you to email photos and to immediately upload your favorites to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!)

amigobooth_4Amigo Booth’s Allison Miller shared these responses!

1. What is it about a photo booth at a wedding that makes it so attractive to participants?
People love photos, especially photos of themselves having a great time with people they love!  That’s what our photo booth offers- great, high quality photos of you and your friends having a great time at a really special event!  The extra bonus is you get the chance to share these photos with the world so you can let everyone know what a great time you had!  Guests can’t always have access to the professional photos taken at a wedding, so this gives you a chance to memorialize the big event with your own photos!


2. Why are photos such an important part of a memorable occasion?
Photos allow you to freeze a moment in time and hang on to it; to be able to look back and remember a special moment or a special day just through one image.  A photo can capture so much emotion just in a single frame!


3. What’s the most unusual photo in which Amigo Booth has participated?
We have thousands and thousands of photos of people letting loose and having a great time!  We have people making wild faces, wearing ridiculous costumes, using outrageous props, trying funny poses, and going all out crazy!


4. Have you always shot digitally?
Yes.  AmigoBooth has always used a digital camera in our booths.


5. Does a vintage vibe have a place in a wedding celebration?


 Be sure to stop at the Amigo Booth camera while you’re checking out the Weddings Lab! We’re only six days away!

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