Plans for the inspirational Weddings Lab at the Junk Bonanza San Diego at the Del Mar Fairgrounds continue apace!

Difficult to believe it’s only five days away!

We’re excited to have celebrity wedding and event designer Jo Gartin of Love, Luck and Angels on hand Saturday at the Bonanza! She will speak at noon and 2 p.m., offering her updated take on the traditional “somethings” of old, new, borrowed and blue!

JOGARTINlogo You can also find inspiration from Jo here, on her Love Is by Jo Gartin site!


We asked Jo to answer Five Questions! Her responses:

1. What is the first thing you consider when designing an event?

The ambience.


2. Why do you like to work with vintage elements?
I love that vintage pieces are unique and have their own, usually secret, story.

3. What was the best idea you’ve used in one of your events?

Gosh, I hope that my events are scattered with many creative ideas. This morning I was painting the stained tops of vintage coffee tables with chalkboard paint for a baby shower next week so that the guests can write wishes between feasting on tea and scones. They look amazing.


4. What are three things every event should include?

Love, laughter and thoughtfulness.


5. What will surprise attendees about the Weddings Lab?
That inspiration, resourcefulness and vintage can make a perfect celebration.


“I’m excited to team up with a wonderfully talented mix of event industry innovators to showcase a slice of a vintage wedding.” said Jo, who co-curated the Weddings Lab, “designed especially for Junk Bonanza.”

Ki and her team are looking forward to it, too!

See you at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, where the Turf Meets the Surf!



Photo credits: Grid and bar photos, Ceremony with hanging fans and detail,

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