The Junk Bonanza in San Diego approaches, March 20-22! We are excite for our amazing Weddings Lab, co-curated by Jeni Maus, owner of Found Vintage Rentals in Fullerton, CA!

Found is an amazing business, thanks to Jeni’s amazing eye and styling skill. To celebrate our Weddings Lab — inspirational vignettes for fabulous wedding celebrations, built around vintage items and decor — we are asking each Lab participant to answer five questions! Here are Jeni’s answers:

FOUND21. What is the first piece you purchased for FOUND’s inventory, and the most recent? 

The first 88 pieces that I started with were pieces from my husbands photo studio, and even some pieces from my home, so I can’t really remember the very first piece I bought after I launched {found} with those initial pieces. The most recent larger puchase (because I probably buy something every day) is probably the 15 reclaimed wood table bases and tops we are making and introducing into the inventory this month.

2. Why does vintage “speak” to you?

I guess because every piece is unique in some way. The history, the patina, the character and the stories that each and every piece has is a beautiful thing.


3. What “vibe” (in addition to vintage!) are you bringing to the Weddings Lab decor?

We will be mixing in some vintage industrial pieces, as well as indigo and neutral tones of grays and whites.

4. What vintage item should no celebration be without?

Vintage lounge vignettes….they add so much beauty and warmth to any event.

5. You’re excited to come to the Junk Bonanza to look for…

Anything and everything….I like to keep my options open 🙂

Excited to see Jeni’s beautiful work! Her final takeaway:  “One thing I always say is that I prefer “form over function….but I truly believe that form is actually functioning by bringing a necessary beauty to things.”

Jeni, we know you are bringing beauty and vintage goodness to the Weddings Lab! Can’t wait to see you!

Do YOU have your Early Bird tickets yet, for two hours of shopping before the general admission opening on Friday? Purchase online here; they will cost $5 more at the door!

Ki and her team will you soon, where the Turf Meets the Surf!


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