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The inspirational Weddings Lab at the San Diego Junk Bonanza will feature great vintage tabletop from Dish Wish Events! Here, its founder and head dish washer, Laura Meyer, answers our Five Questions!”

1. How old were you when you first realized your love of vintage china?​
I have always loved objects that told a story. I always envisioned myself being an investigative journalist or a talk show host because I never tire of hearing personal journeys. When I began collecting, I always asked the personal stories behind the pieces and the owner. As I used them as corny as it sounds I would feel all that happy energy. It was always exciting to me that these ultra-special pieces that typically didn’t get used very often all of a sudden had this new life. I never intended to make it a business, I just wanted to keep buying the dishes and put up a website just to rent them a few times.

DWGypsy Collection-2

2. How many pieces of china and glassware do you have in your inventory?​

​I honestly do not have a count of every piece that I have but it is easily over 15,000.

3. How does china “make” any special celebration?

​I think there is a big misconception about vintage china being rustic. None of our customers have or want “rustic” celebrations. What they are looking for is a warmer, unbuttoned elegance that reflects a more personal, less sterile approach to event tabletops and decor. Yes, we do rent for weddings, but some of my favorite events we do are the special dinner parties, holiday gatherings and themed parties. I think the beauty in these pieces is that they completely transform as clients use them in their own ways and interpretations. There are endless possibilities!


4. What’s your favorite piece from your personal collection?

​ Thats a great question. I try not to get to attached to any one piece since being a rental company things do get worn out or broken, but the pieces that I am most excited about this season are our smoky glassware and the gypsy collection of dishes (pictured in this post).

5. You’re excited to come to the Junk Bonanza to look for…?

​I am so excited to meet other “junkers”, find some great deals and see what Jeni [Maus, owner of Found Vintage Rentals and co-curator of the Lab] puts together!

Don’t miss Laura’s amazing inventory at the Weddings Lab! We’re just six days away!


Photos courtesy of Dish Wish Events

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