Only three days until the Junk Bonanza San Diego commences, and along with it, the amazing inspirational Weddings Lab! The lab will be overflowing with great ideas for vintage inspiration from several premier wedding purveyors, including floral designer Kimberlee Sanders of Art with Nature!JBfloral1

We’ve asked each of our Lab participants to answer Five Questions! Here are Kimberlee’s responses:

1. What is your favorite flower for color, and which for impact?
My favorite flower to use for color is definitely dahlias; they come in so many colors and styles. For impact, I like anything large…like peonies, garden roses, amaryllis and dahlias.


2. Why do you like to combine floral and vintage elements?

I love using vintage items mostly for their uniqueness. I’m always in search for an unusual vessel or container. My favorite flea market finds are urns. I’m obsesses.


3. What is your best arranging trick?
I love arranging in a very loose, organic style…lots of greenery first, then the flowers…and I usually design in water.
4. What’s trending in wedding floral design?
Color for sure…muted colors such as blush, peach, yellow, lavenders. OR, bold and dramatic…reds, raspberry. plum and burgundy.


5. No wedding bouquet should be without… 
 Ribbons and trims.
Thanks, Kimberlee, for sharing! We can’t wait to see you at O’Brien Hall Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

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