Check out two more of our awesome Junk Bonanza San Diego vendors, Lizzie B Vintage and Furniture Queen!


Lizzie B Vintage, of La Mesa CA, is operated by Gina Balourdas, who notes that her work includes hammering coins and silver-plate trays restyled into necklaces and jewelry, as well other vintage pieces “that speak to me and challenge myself to make the most interesting piece of jewelry from them.”

Gina uses vintage Greek/French stamps and church bulletins with icon images “and make them into beautiful bangles.”

She is also bringing her bridal bouquets, made from vintage brooches, to the Bonanza!

In addition to her website, linked above, you can find her Facebook page, here!


Robin De Koning, aka The Furniture Queen, is based in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Robin notes on her Instagram profile that “we love the hunt for junk and treasure” — we’re excited to see more of her cache!

It’s not long now before Ki and her team arrive at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

Can’t wait to see you, March 20-22!

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