Beth Peterson is ready to paint the town red, now that she has painted her dancing shoes!

Beth, of Escondido, CA, calls herself a “do over” artist.

After a lengthy career in real estate, she launched Do Over Furniture and, she says, “My life has been transformed!”

That’s not the only thing to metamorphose!

Check out the new look Beth gave her fancy heels, which have reposed in her closet for the last 12,  post-wedding years!

Beth uses Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to fix her furniture and fabric finds. So why not try it on these, she wondered? She needed red shoes for an upcoming Christmas party at a luxe resort — that was impetus enough!

Here’s Beth’s recipe for taking wedding-wear ivory to siren song red in a few short steps:

1. Use a spray bottle with water to dampen shoes.

2. Dilute a small amount of “Emperor’s Silk” Chalk Paint® in a 50-50 mix with water. Stir well.

3. Use a 1/8-inch angled artist’s brush (pictured, left of the shoes) to apply one coat of the diluted paint.

4. Apply a second coat before the first is completely dry.

5. Apply a third coat of the diluted paint.

6. Paint the beads and quickly rub them back, so they will pick up some color without losing their pearly sheen.

7. Dry 30 minutes.

Beth wasn’t sure whether the fabric was silk or a man-made equivalent, and she opted to forgo finishing the shoes with wax or another sealer.


You can see Chalk Paint® for yourself at the Spring Junk Bonanza, April 16-18, at Canterbury Park in Minnesota! Unfolded, an Annie Sloan distributor, will hold six free hands-on workshops during the event, and will have paint and other products for sale as well. Come out and see us! Get your Early Bird tickets, now!


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