Have you visited Junket: Tossed & Found, yet? (That’s shop dog, Nellie, keeping watch for happy junkers!)
The Minneapolis junking store, founded by Julie Kearns — “founder and finder” — is a treasure trove of objects!
It’s also home to Junk Bonanza vendors Becky of Eclectic 887 and Jenni of A Vintage Parcel, shown here enjoying themselves at the Fall 2014 Junk Bonanza!
Treasures abound!
Cups hang on the wall for using — and buying!
 Julie makes sure there is plenty of recycling available!
Even pencils are sold singly. As Julie says, “Why should you have to buy a pack of 10 when you only need one?” We love how she thinks!
 There is all matter of stuff to be found on two floors, and through the shop’s online site.
 Lots of local artwork there, too, by artisans who use recycled materials.
Parcheesi, anyone?!
Plenty of retro…
 …smalls and accessories, too.
 Diggers will be rewarded…
 … and the store makes it easy for shoppers to carry small finds!
 Julie junks using this vintage pickup!
What a gas!
Drive on over to Junket at 4049 Minnehaha Ave. in Minneapolis! You’ll love the vibe!Kim

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