Welcome, Farmhouse Inspired!
Jody LaRock
Business name:
Farmhouse Inspired
Live in/Business located:
Hudson, WI
Your style in three words:
country, casual, junk
On your junking bucket list:
Round Top, TX
You knew you were a junker when…
…as a kid, I had fun going to garage sales with Mom!
You never junk without…
In your garage: cars or junk?
I thought cars in the garage was an urban myth!
No one would ever guess you…
…are one box short of a hoarder!
Junking makes you feel…
…AWESOME! I love the thrill of the hunt! Nothing better than seeing the potential greatness in something not so great. And nothing beats getting a great deal!
Email: farmhouseinspired@gmail.com
Website: www.farmhouseinspired.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/farmhouseinspired

The Junk Bonanza is inspired to shop! We can’t wait to have you in the house at Canterbury! It won’t be long, now!


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