The amazing Tim Luke will be back at the Bonanza!
The master appraiser and collecting guru will conduct five free sessions for attendees:
What’s Collectible Now? Hot or Not?
11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
How to Shop Estate Sales, Flea Markets and Auctions Like a Pro
10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
What Turns Today’s Items Into Tomorrow’s Collectibles?
10 a.m. 
Tim, who founded TreasureQuest Appraisal Group, is also an auctioneer for Julien’s Auctions, has worked at Christie’s auction house and has served as a featured appraiser on Antiques Roadshow!
He’s also starting another gig, as the host of  Cash in the Attic online, a great new valuation service.
Anyone can use to send in a photo an information about an object an receive a valuation of the item within 48 hours, provided by one of 11 top U.S. auctioneers, including Tim.
Tim recruited each auctioneer for his or her expertise, including the areas of fine & decorative arts, furniture, pop culture, memorabilia, collectibles, wine and cars, among others.
One expert is Megan Mahn Miller, a Minneapolis native who heads the cataloging department at Julien’s. Megan will join Tim at his Thursday morning session, helping to share her knowledge of the collectibles market. “Everyone has their own wheelhouse,” Megan said. “Mine is Hollywood and rock memorabilia.”
We look forward to meeting Megan, who is attending her first Junk Bonanza and will be on the prowl for vintage accessories and clothing. “I come from a family of treasure seekers,” Megan said. “I grew up going to garage sales in the summer and flea markets. My sister is a reclaimer and up cycler.”
She even met her husband at Arc’s Value Village in Richfield, where she worked as a volunteer!
The new online service is not connected to HGTV, which produced the television version of Cash in the Attic, in which Tim also appeared. An online version of Cash in the Attic has been operating in the United Kingdom for a year.

Here are a few highlights of how the valuation system works:
* Individuals can purchase credits, and the more purchased, the less expensive the valuations are. One credit is $14.99, but by purchasing multiple credits, a valuation  fee can be as low as $8.99.
* The site also provides a marketplace for users who wish to sell items; evaluators will also suggest appropriate venues for sale.
* Users can upload as many as six digital photos and a one-minute video of items to be evaluated. “I filmed a ‘how-to’ video that will be on the site soon,” Tim said.
* Valuations are to be turned around within 48 hours. “Sometimes items may need more research or the valuator will need better or more inclusive photos,” Tim said. “There is a customer service interface to keep the client and valuator in touch. the customer service rep can facilitate the requests and communication.”
* A certificate of authentication will accompany evaluated items.
* Users can also access video clips of about 15,000 items valued on the TV version of Cash in the Attic.
Tim and his team are extremely knowledgeable! The Bonanza is pleased to be bringing him and Megan to Canterbury to share their expertise! Each of the free, drop-in sessions will include a short video presentation, followed by Q and A. Bonus: Attendees at the Friday morning session can enter a drawing to win a walk around the Bonanza with Tim, to see how a pro shops for collectibles!

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