The Tent is dead! Long live The Tent (in our memories, that is)!
Work proceeds apace on the new event center at Canterbury Park, which replaces the white domed “tent” you used for so many years to enter the Bonanza!
This early artist’s illustration shows two entrances…
…though a change in plans has reduced it to one. Look at this fabulous structure!
A few Junk Bonanza team members traveled to Canterbury recently to check out the progress!
The new structure is cited perpendicular to where “the tent” was situated.
The tunnel that linked the tent and the main building will be replaced with a temporary structure for this year, but a permanent one is planned by Fall 2015.
These are some of the seven doors for loading in and out!

The load-in and load-out doors are located on both sides and at the rear of the building. Five of the doors are on rollers and two will have either rollers or double doors. 

Those are in addition to the regular service doors alongside!
The new space has a few things the tent did not: restrooms, for one!
There will be space for perhaps 24 more vendors, and there will be food service as well!
It looks dark, but it won’t be that way for long. Three skylights in the middle of the ceiling will flood the space with natural light! 
The large, noisy heaters on the ceiling are going away, too! The new space will have regular heating and air conditioning!
The Bonanza team hopes to get an official hard-hat tour sometime later this month.
We’re excited about this great new space (perfectly fitting for our great customers and great vendors!) 
Can’t wait to see you Sept. 25-27!

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