Our recent Junk Bonanza Spring recap and planning meeting in Los Angeles helped broaden the JB team’s musical horizons. Have you heard of the Junk Monkeys?
This vintage souvenir glass was Exhibitor Manager Jane Hall’s hostess gift to Ki when we descended on her LA digs for five days.
(Jane found it while junking, of course!)
It’s the perfect size for Ki’s morning orange juice, which she has, without fail, each day before she starts mainlining coffee!
But who are the Junk Monkeys?! And what is the Five Star Fling?
 Our inquiring minds wanted to know!
A cursory search provided the answer: a band, and its 1991 album, produced by Metal Blade Records! ! We enjoyed these musical excerpt from “Everything Remains the Same” and “So American” from the band’s Soul Cakes album.
(Thank you, Google. This is one scribe who can’t remember how she survived pre-internet!)
Cool music for junkers! And everyone on the team is on the lookout for more of these glasses!

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