The Yard Party at the Junk Bonanza was as advertised — a fabulous roundup of amazing vintage yard and garden ware! Check out the chippy wooden windmill, motel chair and double-barrel aluminum handle folding chair!
Generous vendors and collectors shared wonderful items — from concrete gnomes to fantastical planters crafted from farm machinery during the ’50s to sprinklers of a bygone era — to help benefit the Animal Ark no-kill shelter in Hasting, Minn.
We raised $150 for the shelter!
Visitors to the Yard Party on the second floor cast “votes” for their favorites by putting pennies in jars, and the proceeds were collected on behalf of the shelter.
Animal rescue is near and dear to the Bonanza team’s heart!
Among the amazing items on display: A ’20s plant stand fashioned from Art Deco window well grates from the University of Minnesota…
…a trio of garden gnomes, including the small one, from Bavaria…
…lawn sprinklers of all shapes and sizes (check out the large jar for pennies! It once held pretzels from Costco. We bought 12! And a tip of the hat and special thanks to Harold S for making the lids coin-friendly!)
Concrete deer with rebar for back legs… (they were the top vote-getter!)
…a ’40s West Bend barbecue grill (and to the right, the amazing machinery planters!) …
…a ’40s porch glider and a fabulous frog sitting atop…
…and kissing Dutch figurines!
Artificial turf for the display tables was donated by Synthetic Turf Solutions of MN!
A big Bonanza thanks to Mark Prince and Travis Bebo for their hard work and dedication in helping to “plant” the turf for the Yard Party!
It was a wonderful harbinger of Spring!
Sharp-eyed viewers will note the reclaimed pallet-wood bases by Robinwood Reclaim first appeared at Fall Junk Bonanza 2013 during the Art of Junk contest. We’re happy to announce that the Art of Junk is coming back for Fall 2014! Interested in entering? You’ll find details and an electronic entry form here!

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