We love a good love story! Especially when the Junk Bonanza is part of the plot!
We received a letter from Tatiana, explaining why the Bonanza is very near and dear to her — and her partner Aaron’s — heart! Read on:

Dear Ki,
This April marks a very special anniversary for me — Spring Junk Bonanza 2012! More correctly, it was my and my partner, Aaron’s, first date! Yes, we went “junking” on our first date. Although admittedly neither of us call it a date: I paid for our tickets and he paid for lunch. So looking back on it, yep. Date.
It started innocently enough when our friend Jenni (A Vintage Parcel), a mutual friend, told Aaron to bring me to the Bonanza. Separately, she told me to bring him. We laughed when we found out what she’d done.
Aaron was so meticulous about going through the Bonanza, yet so laid-back and casual. He took an interest in what I liked and what I wanted to see. We have a funny picture he took of me wearing a pair of silly glasses. We laughed from booth to booth, finding interesting things to talk about and where our mutual interests were. He bought a boat motor, of all things. This teeny thing, no taller than a yardstick, but it was a cool sea foam color. And of course, a sign that said “Fat Tire Road” because all of our friends have Fat Tire Bikes. We had an amazing time. And I thought to myself, if I can take a man antiques shopping and he actually is having a good time, I am keeping him.

A month or so later, our junking started again after Aaron had mentioned that he wanted a grandfather clock. They had one at Empty the Nest. I dragged Aaron down and we went home with a whole carful. A grandfather clock, several chairs, a wonky butcher block, a vintage sewing table and other odds and ends. I should mention that at the time, Aaron’s house was a total bachelor pad. No furniture. Well, a couch (covered in man junk) and a bed. I love the man, but seriously, he had only hand-me-downs, car parts…and a boat motor. LOL.

That weekend he went on a business trip and was away for two weeks. He came home to a totally redecorated house, all of which I had bought through junking or thrifting. We had a new Stickley coffee table, some neat wooden boxes. I had fixed the butcher block and was using it as a kitchen island. I bought a magnetic board and threw our keys on it, an old toy bucket holds our climbing harnesses. I also but out some beautiful slide boxes and a neat old card catalog box. Of course, “Fat Tire Road” got hung with a bunch of other cool, thrifted signs.

Tatiana went on to share other junking stories, and about how their home is now furnished with treasures from a ’60s table for $40 to a 125-year-old rocker to an industrial hotel safe.
Every time we sit down on the couch we remark to one another how much we love the space we’ve built together. And then we laugh even more when we think how little we’ve actually spent. Every piece is a treasure that we love or we’ve saved, refinished or love the way it looks. It’s a testament to our relationship — we’ve built this entire house on junking and merging our lives and passions together.
She concluded:
When we told our story to one of the shopkeepers at Shop 501, she laughed and said exactly what I will tell Aaron for the rest of our time together: Don’t give me diamonds, give me rust.
So here’s to our one-year anniversary and a lifetime more of junking! Can’t wait to see the next Junk Bonanza!
Happy Anniversary to Tatiana and Aaron!
We’re told this pair will be roaming Canterbury Park today! Be sure to send them your best wishes!


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