Discover Chiropractic is the perfect first-time Silver Partner for the Junk Bonanza!
There’s a symbiotic relationship between junkers and aching backs!
We are thankful for Discover’s support. They put it this way: “We choose to sponsor specific events in the community, such as Junk Bonanza, to support other local businesses. We believe you get just as much as you give, and we want to give as much as we can. Our mission for this community is to make a difference in people’s health and lives. The way to do that is to spread the word of what true chiropractic is and to educate others on what health really means.”
To that end, Discover has offices with Dr. Jeff Algajer in Chaska (right on the Par 30 golf course, off of Highway 41!) and Dr. Katie Algajer in Edina. They are married and have been in practice for seven years.
Discover is a neurologically based chiropractic enter, focusing on central nervous systems, and specializing in Torque Release Technique. You can stop by Discover’s table at the Bonanza to learn more!
The Bonanza is thankful to have Discover Chiropractic on board!

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