Natalie Marucchi
Business name:
Bella Blu
Live in/Business located:
Knoxville, TN

Your style in three words:
distressed, vintage, fresh
On your junking bucket list:
I would absolutely love to travel to the Paris flea markets.
You knew you were a junker when…
…I have always loved old furniture and wondered about the stories behind it. I think my passion for junk and anything vintage emerged when my skills at art, decor and power tools 
all came together to form my business.

Best all-time junking find:
a French couch that had been in the seller’s family for over 100 years. She knew its history and its journey from France to Knoxville, TN.
You wish you would never have parted with…
…a highboy that was painted cream, with the interior painted coral. It had the most interesting details; I could kick myself for having sold it!

Bringing to the Bonanza:
Oh gosh, I have no idea. Maybe that French couch I mentioned earlier.
You never junk without…
…my sister who helps me in my business; we have so much fun together. And a car big enough to haul home all my finds!
In your garage: cars or junk?
Junk, of course; my husband struggles to even fit his lawnmower in there.
No one would ever guess you…
…grew up on a 5,000-acre farm in the middle of Africa, and went to a girls-only boarding school until I was 18.
Facebook: Bella Blu

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