Read all the way through this profile to learn about one new vendor who really suffered for her art!
 Teri Garin
 Classy Clips
Coon Rapids, MN
 I am self-taught and repurpose vintage  leather, jewelry, silverplate trays and bullet casings into jewelry and accessories.
Your style in three words:
edgy, one of a kind, repurposed
 On your junking bucket list?
You knew you were a junker when…
…I brought home some barbed wire from a hiking trip (and actually used it). 
 Best all-time junking find?
a beat-up pair of Anderson Bean Boot Company cowboy boots
You wish you would never have parted with…?
…Nothing yet. We’ll see after this event.
 Bringing to the Bonanza?
I’ve got some ideas in mind, yet to be created!
You never junk without…?
…my leopard print coffee cozy
Work hazard:
 I would call myself a “risky artisan” as I ended up in the emergency room once getting a bullet primer surgically removed from my thumb. You would think I would know better as I am actually a wound care nurse in my real job. A primer is the center of a bullet; it looks like a tiny metal “dimple” when the bullets are spent. It’s where the gun contacts the bullet before it fires. Here a pic of the one that ended up in my thumb There is an explanation of why it happened, but it’s a long story!
In your garage: Cars or junk? 
about half and half
No one would ever guess you…?
…grew up as a preacher’s kid.
Teri, we can’t wait to see what great pieces you’re packin’ for the Junk Bonanza!

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