Beautiful barn wood is the metier of our newest Junk Bonanza vendor!
Dan Vollmer
Business name:
Barnwood Trays
Live in/Business located:
Omaha, NE
Your style in three words:
chance, innovative, opportunity
On your junking bucket list:
reclaiming a famous barn that has an amazing story so we can share with our customers
You knew you were a junker when…
…I was a little kid and could never keep my room clean.
Best all-time junking find:
a small door from an 1850s barn that still has the original leather handle attached. If that handle could talk…
You wish you would never have parted with…
…I wish I never parted my hair in the middle; those ’80s pictures are horrible!
Bringing to the Bonanza:
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
You never junk without…
In your garage: cars or junk?
I have an eight-car garage and find it challenging to get ONE car in there.

Dan, left, is bringing his son, Matt, to the Bonanza

No one would ever guess you…
…are in the Spring 2014 issue of Flea Market Style magazine; have sold trays to Alexander Payne, Larry the Cable Guy, HGTV Design Star winner Jennifer Bertrand, a world champion figure skier and the show host on MSNBC.

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