Most of the Junk Bonanza team is of a “certain vintage” — old enough to remember these cool, cutout Santas with sleigh and reindeer!
It was a fun discovery to figuratively stumble across an entire set on the lawn of a home in Minneapolis, recently!
(And is it vintage, or is it modern, made to look old?)
Whichever it is, it evoked wonderful memories of my younger (crisp and snowy) days as a child in western North Dakota. A posh family on the other side of town had a set very similar to this! I used to marvel at its majesty, and at the roof on the home that was large enough to hold it, because that’s where it was positioned!
It was a spectacular statement, especially to my young eyes. (At our home, we strung colored lights on two gangly evergreens out front. Such a display would have been considered too flashy for my folks.)
This tableau in an urban front yard provided a lovely traipse through my youthful memories, as the only holiday decor I was able to salvage from my family home were a few worn ornaments. What decor from your childhood says “holiday” to you?!

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  1. I so remember going on a Christmas light drive with my family…there were certain neighborhoods in Madison, WI we would always have to visit. Now I find less is more with my own lights. I have a single evergreen hung with colored lights back next to our barn. The simplicity of it is enough. Merry Christmas! Kari

  2. I found a wire reindeer next to the donation box this year. You could tell it was really nice once after I bent the dent out of it’s side with a plunger handle. The cord shorted when I plugged it in, so I decided to go green and save electricity.
    You know, when life gives you lemons. Next year I’m going to get my other decoration down from the garage and put them together to make it look better. Like Kari said, I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to bring a little cheer to the neighborhood during the holidays.
    Happy New Year and may this be your best year yet.
    -from: MonkeyKatt n’ mE in Los Angeles

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