While many spent the day after Thanksgiving in the marts of commerce, taking advantage of “door buster” specials, Black Friday instead found this junker at the salvage yard in search of reclaim lumber for a project!

 Bauer Brothers Salvage in Minneapolis is a junker’s delight, and full of doors of another sort!
This pale pink cupola was among the fabulous castoffs!
 Lots of items came in multiples! Chairs…

…industrial light fixtures and radiators…

lockers by the row (check out the columns behind!)…
 …even the (industrial) kitchen sinks!
 Gorgeous patina covered lots of metal pieces. This was an oversized factory fire door.
 A closeup of a piece of filigreed fence railing.
 Beautiful patterns were everywhere!

This metal piece was four feet in diameter!
 Piles of tasty pieces were everywhere. While I didn’t find the exact piece of lumber I sought, it was an enjoyable few hours on the hunt!

Definitely rated E for an excellent foray!

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  1. Oh how I Wish they had Salvage Yards to Pick thru here like this! Most of the Scrap Yards around here don’t allow Pickin’, so sad that everything will just be destroyed for it’s Metals and can’t be Rescued… *sob*

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

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