The Bonanza was a great place for seeing happy faces! This husband-and-wife duo could not have been happier with this find, nabbed by the mister as a surprise for his wife!

The crew from ReuseMN, the Bonanza’s nonprofit partner…

The lucky winner of the Flea Market Style mag giveaway left with swag!

The Bonanza had elated attendees…

…multi-generational visitors…

… would-be painters getting advice from Hirshfield’s…

…and the fabulous Jo Packham!
We had KSTP-TV in the house, too!
We had Art of Junk participants…

… and a can-do staff!
No matter what the situation…
…staffers stayed smiling!
…we even had a doctor in the house!

Kathie and John kept everything running smoothly…

…and new staffers bonded with the old!
Claire folded and stacked in the Ki Nassauer Shop!
While Karla folded herself into tight spots to retrieve T-shirts!
Smiles were everywhere!
We guess this is a happy camper…
Vendors setting up on the second floor waited patiently for the service elevator!
There was a lot of toting and lugging…
… and amplifying!
Mark and Tom kept the parking situation under control, beginning each morning at 6 a.m!

KARE-11’s Diana Pierce and the Bonanza’s Tim Luke hammed it up during a pre-Bonanza interview…
… while visiting Texan Margo, from Flea Market Style, enjoyed a breather in the Bonanza HQ!
We had some pretty young visitors, too!
When it was all over, vendors were still smiling!
… and smiling!
… and smiling!
Some folks were a bit camera-shy…
… but others were happy to have their fond farewells recorded for posterity!
Hugs all around! 
We can’t wait to do it all again this Spring! We hope to see you April 10-12! You can purchase your Early Bird ticket here!

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  1. OMG I’m surprised I didn’t break the camera. You caught me taking a break. Love the pics, and the re-visit of a great show. I’m recovered and ready for the next one 🙂

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