That’s Christian Brady, one half of the talented Uber Chic duo from Park City, Utah.
Where’s Dustin Rowser?
The answer to that is part of the story of Christian’s long road to the Junk Bonanza!
It often is said that timing is everything. True-er than true, in this instance.
The delayed arrival of a shipping container from Europe meant Dustin had to stay behind to unpack it and man their occasional sale. So Chris set off for Minnesota, driving solo.
It all started to go south in Wiggins, Colorado!
That’s where the tires on the truck, packed with Uber Chic grain sack goodies, started to smoke. Chris returned to Denver and got to a repair shop, where it was determined that the smoking tires were caused by overheating, and partially melted, ball bearings. While the mechanic was taking a look, he found a couple of bad axles, too. Repairs would cost more than the the worth of the truck. So Chris:
1. Unpacked the truck.
2. Got a rental.
3. Repacked the truck. All by himself.
“The worst of it was, the repair shop was next to a glue factory,” Christian said. “The smell was indescribable!”
So he finally reached Canterbury Park, late on Wednesday, but happy to be here…where he got to:
4. Unpack the truck, once again.
He proceeded to have such a rockin’ sale that most of what survived in his booth, pictured, was stuff that was sold and awaiting pickup.
When he leaves Minnesota, he’ll return the rental in Denver and pick up a new truck.
And head for home, the smell of glue nothing but a dissipating olfactory memory!
Chris, thanks for persevering. The Junk Bonanza wishes you happy trails!

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