Yes, we’ve got new T-shirt designs in the Ki Nassauer Shop!
Let us slake your thirst for duds with great junking style!
Here are a few of the latest designs, the handiwork of Taylor Nassauer, Director of Brand Development!
 This slogan comes in a couple of options. Yes, you can use a Sharpie to write in your name, gym clothes-style!
 This is the same design as the new Bonanza bags!
“Junk Therapy” is Ki’s favorite. The chairs are all specific vintage styles!
Stop by the Ki Nassauer Shop to check out the new goods!
Here is Junk Love in the sweatshirt version!
This one suits junkers to a tee…
This bag is simple and says it all! (there’s a matching T-shirt in a few colors!)
Tees are $22, sweatshirts $48 and three-quarter sleeve tees $28.
I’ll be purchasing the new JUNK LOVE design in multiples!
Available in the Ki Nassauer shop and, the new designs will also be online sometime after the Bonanza!

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