It took a village to produce the Junk Bonanza! From the guys who shoveled out the sidewalks…

…to plowing out the parking lots!

And plowing everything else, for that matter!

That’s GalPal Friday Irene, a day before the start of the Bonanza, with her ride packed to the ceiling with vendor T-shirts and vendor packets!

Lorraine put together those fabulous tuteurs for the front entry!

Weren’t the fabrics fab?!

She then took on double duty at the vendor lunch Wednesday!

Mark and his crew kept the loading and unloading moving along…

Karla, Kristen, Eydie and Taylor with some of the new T-shirt designs!

Travis helped dress the Canterbury Park columns for the Weddings Lab!

Em and Irene (wo)manned the check-in process…

and Kathie answered questions and directed folks from the Information Desk, beginning Tuesday!

Jane, the Exhibitor Manager, managed not only the vendors and the Weddings Lab, but a few booths, too!
Ki calls her team the best in the nation!

We tend to agree!
Have you marked your calendar yet for Sept. 26-28?! We’re excited to do it all over again!

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  1. Oh, the snow and up there! I was so happy that I bought a pair of rain boots before we got there! I was impressed with how well Minnesota dealt with it too. Colorado could learn a few things from you guys!

  2. JB has a GREAT crew!! Thanks to all!
    btw….my co-worker at the event is a Seattle transplant. The snow was an unusual event for her. She was so pleased when the guys had “pushed” the snow out of the way for her to park. “pushed”??? 🙂

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