Sheryl Amos

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A Whimsical Place

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South Maplewood, MN

What convinced you to exhibit at the Bonanza?

The Bonanza is exactly like my store…Fun and exciting, you never know what you will find.  My first step in the front door of the Bonanza I knew I had to be in it. I feel like the Bonanza and I are kindred spirits..ha ha..and what a privilege to be a part of it…

Your style in three words:
Unique, refreshing and, of course, whimsical

Whatmakes you swoon?
Furniture!!!!! I adore old furniture, the kind that tells you stories. An old trunk that traveled 3 times across the ocean or a gorgeous bedroom set that was a wedding present from Sears and shipped all the way from Chicago in 1935 and no one wants it anymore…..I’ll take it!!!!!!

You knew you were a junker when…
 I walked into a small boutique in Maryland 2003… and a gentleman made an aquarium style bookshelf out of 4 panes of windows, two boards and old hardware…It stood 4 feet tall and 3 feet across and I thought it was the most magnificent piece of furniture I ever saw…so full of character and it was only $75….friends of mine still “don’t get it” but I love it…I was hooked, and look at me now….

Best all-time junking find?
Three gigantic window panes.. 6 feet tall and 7 feet wide. I got them from a good friend of mine and they were burdensome for her to move around the store so she sold them to me, which cost more for me just to get them to my store…I was ecstatic. All three have curved tops and some of the panes are broken and they are very fragile…I have used all three as back ground display pieces for my shop and I have a list of 20 customers who want to buy them…But I will hold on to these beauties for a while longer….

What’s the one thing you wish you wouldn’t have parted with?

An old headboard made into a bench. It was from Texas. Five feet long made out of oak, paint just peeling off of it with colors of a deep turq blue. Rustic and an eye stopper…I had it no more then 5 mins in the shop when a photographer bought it…And I always regretted it..poop…that still bugs me… 

What’s the best item you’re bringing to the Bonanza?

A Queen Adnne style desk to die for…It has glass knobs drawers and it has been painted and sanded and stain to a finish that is very shabby chic…It will probably be the first piece of furniture to go and I will be making a wall filled with old door panels sanded down to show all sorts of different colors from years pass…I am hoping to catch everyone’s eye with this display.

What three things do you never leave home without?
Tape measure, camera and my phone.

What’s the best bit of repurposing you ever did?
I like to redo old furniture. I had an old four poster bed that someone had in the trash…I sanded it down and wanted to paint it with a sparkle to it…so since it was Christmas time, I decided to paint it a lime green but tone it down with a metallic bronze stain mixed with sparkles (yes, sparkles)..WOW, you had to wear sun glasses to look at the bed….That was a fun piece, but I thought for sure after Christmas I would have to re-paint it again until a teen-ager walked in with her Mom and thought it was the coolest bed ever….I haven’t dare try that again.

What’s one thing no one would ever guess about you?
My house doesn’t look near as cool as my shop does. One day, one day.

If you couldn’t be a junker, you’d be a…..?
Teacher, maybe first or second grade. But I would have the coolest vintage teacher desk.

Sheryl, of that, we have no doubt!
This concludes our new vendor profiles before the Bonanza! 
Watch this space for more dispatches from the floor of the Bonanza!
We’re going to rock the house tomorrow!


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