Michael Gang and Ruth Ann Fazzini

Business name:
 Sawtooth Innovations

Where your business is located:
Milton, WI
What convinced you to exhibit at the Bonanza?
We like that the Bonanza specializes in repurposing

What’s your style? Describe in three words:
Industrial, vintage, beautiful

What kind of junk or vintage item makes you swoon?
Mechanical things, old tools and Americana
You knew you were a junker when…
I have always hung on to old things, even before it was popular. I like the history of a piece, to know at one time it was used in a simpler time and was a source of pride, both to make and to own.

What’s the one thing you wish you wouldn’t have parted with?
I have never regretted selling anything, until later, at least.

What’s the best item you’re bringing to the Bonanza?
Some fantastic pieces! The basket tables and racks are very popular. My tables are probably my best items.

What three things do you never leave home without?
Without my imagination, an open mind and a faith in others.

Business email address:

Web site:

Facebook page:
Welcome to the Bonanza! We can’t wait to see what you unload for the show!


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