Photography by Clark Patrick
Catherine Polacek

Business name:
Printerette Press

Founded your business:
In 2010 I was working in clothing design for a big box retailer when I was presented an opportunity buy a 100-year-old letterpress. I’d used one in college for a project and knew the beautiful work it could create but didn’t have much interest. After a few months, the idea of running my own press was really weighing on and inspiring me. I finally bought it, quit my job a few months later, and the rest is histor.

Your passion:
Printerette Press is a cross=section of two of my favirite things: It combines my love for old-school stationery, handwriting and correspondence with the lovely, tactile, handmade nature of letterpress printing.

I grew up in South Minneapolis and studied Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis.

You love weddings because:
I love a perfectly designed party! Weddings can give us a rare opportunity to curate the party of our lifetime and I love that thought and personal details are put into absolutely every aspect of the whole day. Of course I also love that the whole point is to celebrate with friends and family (old and new).

Favorite wedding-related item:
I love the paper goods, of course! But, specifically, I love especially designed items created custom for couples. I just finished a library-themed wedding for a couple who met in the rare boos section of the U of M library. Their sae-the-date resembled the old liary cards used for loaning purposes on the inside covers of the books. Their invitations are printed with metallic gold foil and incorporate drop cap letters inspired by beautiful old books.
No one would ever guess you…
I sing loudly (and badly) while I work.

Data bank:

Catherine, we look forward to greeting you and your great work at the Bonanza!

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