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Sarah Dreher
Business name:
On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

Minneapolis, MN

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What’s your passion?

I love antiques and the idea of creating a truly unique and warm event! Not to mention the thrill of hunting down something truly rare and one of a kind!

How are weddings a part of that?
My business became a product of my own wedding. I couldn’t stop! All of the LOVE, design,c reativity and individuality shines through in every wedding. Just like the couples who vow to love each other, and the vintage pieces I seek out for each wedding!

You can see a vido of my wedding and how I got started, here: did you get to Minnesota?

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri! I met my husband when I was 17 and we moved to Savannah, Georgia, to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. I majored in Fashion Design (he, photography, which is a super bonus with my business). I moved to Minneapolis to design apparel and accessories for Target. I still hold my “day job” at Target as the designer for girl’s accessories.

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What’s your favorite wedding-related decor?

I love an upholstered piece of seating at any wedding., whether it is two upholstered chairs for the bride and groom to coy up to the dinner table or a warm, inviting lounge area near the coffee and desserts so guests can relax and enjoy a comfy view of the event. It adds a unique element to any event and can be accessorized with props and photos that truly reflect the couple and their life together.

How did you get your start?
We launched in June 2011. It started as event design and photography, which my husband does. In an effort to have a wonderfully wholesome marriage, we decided to split the business and focus on our areas of excellence. I dropped the “event design” and became solely On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals, and Kyle became Landing Feet First Photography. I learned most of what I know from Jeni Maus, Owner of Found Vintage Rentals. She held a workshop in Los Angeles about the business. I attended and to this day she is a GREAT mentor to me!
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What’s one thing no one would ever guess about you?
I started college in Fine Art, majoring in Sculpture. After exhausting every class in my community college and local university, I realized it might not be the most practical decision for my future, especially since I LOVE to shop! That is when I shifted my focus!

Sarah, we’re happy you did! Can’t wait to see your wonderful pieces in play at the Weddings Lab!


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