Jeff & Jessica Kesterson

Business name:
Jeff Loves Jessica Photography

Founded your business:
While Jeff started the business by himself in 2009, we quickly realized how well we worked together and the strength that Jessica’s creative eye brought to the table.

Your passion:
Our approach is simple, genuine and organic. We want to be gfully present in the beauty of the moment, tell stories through our lenses and create heirloom quality results. Nothing inspires us more than light, life and love.

Jeff grew up with broad horizons and in his lifetime has called seven different states home. Jissica is a Minnesota native and has roots in Southern Minnesota’s prairie land. We both graduated with Bachelor’s degrees from UW-Eau Claire.

You love weddings because:
It’s really an amazing privilege to step into one of the most intimate, joyful days of two people’s lives and capture all of the beauty that unfolds. We love weddings for the emotionally rich, kinetic nature of the day, for their creative,inspiring details, but mostly for everything they symbolize. We adore seeing people come together to celebrate love and commitment.

What is it like being married and working together?

That is a loaded question! It is mostly awesome! We are super family-oriented and love the flexibility of the work. Owning a business that supports our family is crazy hard work, but it is so rewarding to be able to skip morning rush hour, eat meals together and to share the load. Our constant involvement with committed couples who are taking the plunge and tying the knot is always an inspiring reminder of what weddings are really all about, which invigorates and lends so much perspective in our own marriage.

No one would ever guess you…
Jessica is trained as a registered nurse but hopes she never has to bust out her CPR skills at a wedding. Jeff bakes a mean flourless chocolate cake; a recipe that involves 1 pound of chocolate and half a dozen eggs. It is ridiculously delicious.
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