Home turf: 
Georgia-born, but grew up in NW Florida, in the little town of Valparaiso (my father was in the Air Force). Moved around in FLorida a bit and then moved to Savannah, GA, to attend Savannah College of Art & Design. Stayed after graduation, opened an antiques and home furnishings store, bought a house, got hitched (in that order) and started a family. Savannah is home.
Ever been to Minnesota? What are you expecting?
Yes, I made it there in the dead of winter this year; a photo styling gig for a shelter magazine. I LOVED it even in the snow and ice. I’m looking forward to seeing it in early Spring although the weather forecast isn’t looking too springy.
Are you excited about the Weddings Lab?
Absolutely; I love the whole concept and look forward to meeting brides, grooms and fellow wedding professionals, to talk junk and sign books.
You’ve done and you do it all: retail, photo styling, event planning, interiors work. What’s your favorite kind of work day?
They are all the same to me; it’s all been about being creative, following your heart and working with great people. I love the variety, which is why it never gets boring for me. I’ve really loved writing a book and hope it opens up more doors. I’d love to pursue my passion for product development and design my own collection of products. Any takers out there?!
And favorite way to unwind?
Crazy to say because you would think I’d be worn out with all of the eye candy but I LOVE Pinterest. It’s visual hoarding! I also love to cook and putz around in the garden, but I never have enough time for those things so with Pinterest I can pretend I’m going to cook that recipe or sculpt the perfect garden. Somehow pinning it makes it seem like it might actually happen.
You must love flea markets! What are your favorite shows (beside the Bonanza, of course!)?
I love:
Renningers in Mt. Dora, FL and
Webster Flea Market in Bushnell, FL
Springfield Antique Fair in Springfield, OH
Burlington Antique Show in Burlington, KY
Now you know all my secrets!
How big is your staging stash?
It fills a 1,000-square-foot studio space and spills over to various cabines and dressers in my house. I purge on a regular basis when things get stale or I feel as if they’ve been used too much.

Best source of wedding inspiration?
It depends. If I’m planning a wedding with a couple I’m most inspired by them. If I’m just out and about, I’d say I spend a lot of time looking online and at magazines but not specifically wedding-related topics. I love to look at interiors, color combinations, fashion, nature, recipes, photography, etc. I suppose I’m most inspired by great lifestyle imagery, which is all of those things wound up into one. I like the direction a lot of creative collectives like Kinfolk and Sunday Suppers are taking because they are seamlessly blurring the lines of fashion, food and entertaining. When translated to weddings you aspire to make everything big and small cohesive and authentic for the bride and groom. To jumpstart “their” lifestyle in the most beautifully imagined and genuine way you can.

Of all the chapters in Vintage Wedding Style, do you have a favorite?

I like each of them for different reasons. One for its color palette, one for the fun atmosphere, one for the palpable love I felt in the room, etc. If you could read between the lines you would know how I felt when I was with them; planning, getting to know them and making their dream day come true.

It’s like asking if you have a favorite child.

What is your “go-to” flower for wedding decor?
Not an easy one to answer since I ADORE flowers! Here are my top 10 and then some:
fringe tulips
garden roses
wax flower
I also love these greens:
geranium leaves
dusty miller
lambs ears
honeysuckle vine
seeded eucalyptus

What’s your best piece of advice for brides to be?
Dream big. Yes, I said dream big; you can always reel it in if your ideas get out of control but dreaming allows you to really explore all the possibilities, hone your ideas and focus on the most important elements for your big day before reality sets n. A paren-down version is still good and you’d be surprised how much you can include if you are wise with your budget.

What thing would you save if your house were on fire?
Assuming my family and pets are already safe and sound I think I’d nab as much as I could fit in a big blue Ikea bags since those are always handy in my house. Seriously, you expected this self-confessed hunter and gatherer to choose one thing; no way! I’ll shop my house like an estate sale, fast and focused!
Finally, what is one thing no one would ever guess about you?
I’m  a bit of a homebody, probably because I travel so much. So when I’mhome I want to stay there. I’m pretty social, but when I want to detox from work I stay put.
Elizabeth, the Bonanza is feeling fortunate to have coaxed you North to Minnesota!
We hope to file some dispatches from you as you make your way to the Junk Bonanza!


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