This little bird is winging its way to Ki in Los Angeles as you read!
Margo found it while browsing booths at First Monday Trade Days, a monthly flea market in Canton, Texas.”I don’t know what caught my eye, maybe it was the bird, and then the words ‘Early Bird’made me think of Ki and the EB tickets. I thought, ‘I should send Ki a photo’, so that is what I did (I asked the dealer permission first!)”
You can imagine what happened next!
Ki texted right back and said she wanted it! Margo had already left, but returned and nabbed this beauty for $35! And this may become the new public (clock!) “face” of the Early Bird tickets for the Bonanza!
Stay tuned for updates!
Thanks to Margo for moving tout de suite, or perhaps, tout de tweet!

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  1. My husband’s shaking his head at me like I’m nuts as I’m showing him this adorable clock that SHOULD be the new face for Early Bird…he just has NO vision! It couldn’t be any more perfect!!
    ~ Pendra

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