Baby, it’s cold outside in Minnesota!
That’s why it’s the perfect day to share a story to warm your hearts!
(and to remind you that the day will come again when the Canterbury Park parking lot is snow-fall free! Love the sight of that unadorned asphalt!)
Pictured is Willy, son of Lisa Schaffer Coyne and nephew of Christine Schaffer, the Bonanza vendor Hastings Gift and Floral!
Willy is performing a random act of kindness, giving the old Ford Escape a jump after the close of the first day of the Bonanza.
I was puzzled as to why the car wouldn’t start, when he ambled over to point out he had seen the blinkers on…and then they’d gone out.
Well, it was 6 p.m. and apparently I’d left them on all day, hurridly forgetting to turn them off in the morning while I unloaded my gear…
Thanks again to Willy and the sisters Schaffer for their generosity, a Junk Bonanza hallmark!
Looking forward to April 18-20, when I know you will all arrive with well-charged batteries and plenty of energy to take on the day!

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