FleaQuest specialist Tieran Haskin
Are you a Quester yet?!
Be sure to stop by the FleaQuest booth to learn all about Ki’s latest venture, launching in early 2013! The new online directory — free to users! — is a comprehensive list of the best in vintage stores, flea markets, architectural salvage and road trips.
Are you interested in using it to find good shopping opportunities?
Are you a merchant who would like to be listed there?
Let FleaQuest specialist Tieran Haskin answer your questions!

The project will go live sometime after the first of the year, but you can sign up now for updates at www.fleaquest.com. Meanwhile, be sure to stop by the FleaQuest booth to sign up for a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the Spring Junk Bonanza, Sept. 18-20!
We’re giving away two each day of the Fall Bonanza!

While you’re there, don’t miss Tieran’s cool vintage skirt! Very au courant a la Junk Bonanza!

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  1. Tiernan! I am so sad that I didn’t recognize you yesterday even though I saw you several times. So here is me saying HI!

    Your Barn Sale Stalker.. lol.
    I was so excited to see your house. I went home and found the book that it was in again. (And bragged to my mom.)


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