The lucky winner of lunch on Friday with Ki for herself and three friends is…
Martha Smith of Warrenville, IL!
A lifelong junker and flea marketer, Martha describes this as her perfect day:
My idea of a perfect day would be to find some great junk on the side of the road… in Door County, Wis. Stuff it into my little VW convertible…Top down!… Think of a way to use/repurpose it, create something unique and one of a kind… Meet some great folks along the way… and top it off with a good margarita while watching the sunset over Green Bay! That, for me, would be perfection!
That, and lunch with Ki!
Martha also wins a $100 gift certificate to the Junk Revolution store!
Congrats, Martha!
And happy Junk Bonanza to one and all! Just three days to go!


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  1. Congrats! Have a blast.
    I am packed, trailer is hooked up. Head from Wisconsin to Minn tomorrow! I almost got everything done…..just a few of those items that will have to stay home, ran out of time! Always that feeling of Did I forget anything, too far from home to go back for it!

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