This is a Happy Anniversary story that is very happy!
And it involves the kilt-wearing crew, above, and these smiling lovebirds, below!

Friday at the Junk Bonanza was the 23rd anniversary for Treasured Nest vendors Kris and Mark Hutson of Woodstock, Ill.
Mark has done roses and cake for previous Bonanzas. This year, he brought in the big guns: The Macalester College Pipe Band!

They entered the building and wove throughout the Bonanza buildings to cheers and tons of cell phone snapshots!…

… and — surprise! — ended up in front of Treasured Nest, , and ended up, pipes at full blast!
They were very, very good!
 Their rendition of Amazing Grace brought Kris and many Bonanza vets — including this grizzled scribe — to tears!

Said a delighted Kris: “We’ve been married for such a long time that every year holds a surprise! This year will top the ones in the past, but not the future. He’s so awesome!”

So Mark, we ask you, what will you do for numbers 24 and 25?!

The bagpipers rocked!
(And you can hire them for your own surprise event, too, at,
 or Mike at 651-387-6142!)

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  1. They were regal and awesome – it gave everyone a big lift, smiles, goosebumps – and yes, there were a lot of tears. Great way to start the day for everyone!

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