Junk Bonanza welcomes The Wren’s Nest, returning for a fifth appearance!

Lisa Greene
The Wren’s Nest
Lives in/Business located:
Monticello, MN

Specializes in:
Rusty Crusty/Feminine Frou Frou
Facebook: facebook.com/thewrensnest

Favorite activity besides junking:
Would save if the workshop were on fire:
My cat, Jasmine
You knew you were a junker when:
…I was very young! My children have it, my mother has it, my grandmother had it. Junkin’ runs strong in my family!

Three words that describe you:
Sincere, loving, friendly
Three words that describe your product:
Shabby Foo Foo

If you couldn’t be a junker, you’d be:
an artist
You couldn’t stand to sell it once you found it (but did anyway):
The most unique radiator cover I have ever seen. The base was iron with the most lovely soft green enamel and white ornate top and bottom designs. Just wonderful. I sold it when I opened my shop in Anoka, to get the ball rolling, as they say. To this day it kills me that it is gone!
Luckily for Lisa and for all the rest of you, the Bonanza is a veritable, well, bonanza, for finding the next greatest thing you won’t be able to sell once you’ve found it!

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