Meet Vintage Home Accents, a.k.a. Gunga Tin!

Todd Krueger
Vintage Home Accents
Lives in/Business located:
Appleton, WI
This will be Bonanza vendor appearance:
Specialize in:
beautiful and unique home decor products hand-crafted from salvaged materials

Favorite activity besides junking:
collecting rare artifacts and going to my daughter’s dance competitions

Would save if the workshop were on fire:
as many of my frames as possible
You knew you were a junker when:
I was a teenager

Three words that describe you:
imaginative, imaginative, imaginative
Three words that describe your product:
beautiful, green, unique
If you couldn’t be a junker, you’d be:
a salesman

When you found it, you knew it would sell immediately:
antique tin
Bring me vintage, Gunga Tin! Find it at the Junk Bonanza!

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